Looking for a brand name? Use this technique to brainstorm one!

Looking for a brand name? Use this technique to brainstorm one!
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Thinking of a new brand name isn't an easy task. It has to be catchy and stick with your users. What's even harder is making sure that the domain is available. Usually you may think of one, but then get demotivated by the fact that its domain isn't available. Let's use a different approach.

Choosing the perfect domain name isn't just about a string of characters on the web—it's the digital essence of your brand. It's the first impression, the online identity that can captivate or confuse, resonate or repel. To navigate this domain-naming journey, one must tap into the art of creativity and linguistic ingenuity.

The golden rule

Before even considering your new brand name - check any domain registrar for the .com equivalent. Instantly disregard the idea if it's unavailable. Do not use shortcuts by using dashes or using other top level domains. If I say that my website is WireKat - they'll never assume it's wirekat.net or wirekat.org, or any other fancy domains such as .io

Embrace the Fusion: Make Up Words

Ever marveled at names like Netflix, Microsoft, or Theranos and wondered how they came to be? These iconic names are born from the fusion of words. "Netflix" combines "Internet" and "flicks," while "Microsoft" merges "Microcomputer" and "software." The magic lies in crafting a new word that embodies your brand's essence while being catchy and memorable.

Another example is the long-forgotten Skype. If you delve into its history, one of the initial names behind the technology was "Sky peer-to-peer". It was then shortened to "Skyper", before finally having the catchy "Skype", that many even used as a verb!

Play with Catchy Combinations

The allure of names like CloudFlare and BitWarden lies in their fusion of words that effortlessly roll off the tongue. These combinations strike a chord, resonating with users and leaving a lasting imprint in their minds.

The trick is to use two closely related words related to your domain. One of my favourites is Gearbox - a catchy name for a game development studio. Ever heard of Facepunch Studios?

Dive into Mythology

Ancient gods from Greek, Roman, or Norse mythology wield power in brand names like Nike. Infusing your brand with such mythological essence adds depth and significance, allowing your audience to connect with your story and ethos on a profound level.

Unleash Word Play

Before coming up with Wirekat, wordplay was also.. in play. I not only wanted to be informative, but also to entertain. The alternative spelling, nertain.com was up for grabs! N - ertain!

To my naughty amusement, sonofbit.com or sonofabit.com is available, and quite short indeed! These playful word arrangements pique curiosity and can linger in the minds of your audience. However, those seem more suited for more fun, playful sites.

Finding the Balance in Length

While brevity has its charm, excessively short domain names might render your brand obscure in the vast digital landscape. Strike a balance—short enough to be memorable, yet long enough to retain context and clarity. Consider the SEO implications; a name like "nertain" might be snappy but might struggle to stand out in search results compared to slightly longer variations.

For example, "Nertain" had only 5k results on Google - a very good result, meaning your website wouldn't be that hard to find. Meanwhile even shorter variants, such as "Nertin" had 213k results and "Nertan" 64k results.

The Melody of Pronunciation

Imagine your brand being promoted aloud. The way a domain name sounds can significantly impact its memorability. Opt for a name that not only looks good on screen but rolls off the tongue effortlessly. A name like "wirekat.com" might evoke a more harmonious resonance compared to "nertain.com."

In the symphony of domain names, creativity conducts the melody. Crafting the perfect name involves a delicate balance of creativity, linguistic prowess, and strategic thinking. It's not just about choosing a string of characters; it's about orchestrating a digital symphony that resonates with your audience, leaving an indelible mark on the vast expanse of the internet.

About Wirekat

Picture a platform where the agility and connectivity of wires symbolize the seamless flow of information and ideas. Wires, representing the interconnectedness of thoughts and stories, evoke a sense of networking, linking individuals from diverse backgrounds and interests.

I've dabbled with multiple combinations involving the word wire.
Wirebox, wired, rewired, wiresource, wirebit...

Wirecat.. Well, I do like cats, but wirecat.com is taken.
Change it up and.. Wirekat is not.

Wirekat it is.