About Wirekat

About Wirekat

Welcome to Wirekat!

Stay connected, stay curious, stay wired

Welcome to Wirekat! I'm thrilled you've stumbled upon this little corner of the internet. Wirekat is an independent blog launched in December 2023. It caters to a wide variety of life topics - such as software development, gaming, developer health and health of those with sedentary jobs.

A Peek Into Wirekat

Wirekat isn't your typical blog; it's a digital canvas where I share my passions and explorations with you. Here, I delve into a diverse array of topics—ranging from software development to gaming, and from Linux wizardry to the science behind fitness and nutrition.

Embracing Freedom

Linux isn't just a preference; it's the heartbeat of Wirekat. I'm passionate about self-hosting diverse systems, navigating the intricacies of security, and sharing practical tips and tricks that make the Linux experience both seamless and enjoyable.

Playful as a kat

When it comes to gaming, I'm all about showcasing the wonders of gaming on Linux. I'm also a proud owner of the original Steam Deck! Every game, every pixel - explored on a freedom embracing system.

             .',;::::;,'.                markus@home 
         .';:cccccccccccc:;,.            ----------- 
      .;cccccccccccccccccccccc;.         OS: Fedora release 39 (Thirty Nine) x86_64 
    .:cccccccccccccccccccccccccc:.       Kernel: 6.6.7-200.fc39.x86_64 
  .;ccccccccccccc;.:dddl:.;ccccccc;.     Uptime: 10 hours, 30 mins 
 .:ccccccccccccc;OWMKOOXMWd;ccccccc:.    Packages: 2794 (rpm), 80 (flatpak) 
.:ccccccccccccc;KMMc;cc;xMMc:ccccccc:.   Shell: bash 5.2.21 
,cccccccccccccc;MMM.;cc;;WW::cccccccc,   Resolution: 1920x1080, 1920x1080 
:cccccccccccccc;MMM.;cccccccccccccccc:   DE: GNOME 45.2 
:ccccccc;oxOOOo;MMM0OOk.;cccccccccccc:   WM: Mutter 
cccccc:0MMKxdd:;MMMkddc.;cccccccccccc;   WM Theme: Adwaita 
ccccc:XM0';cccc;MMM.;cccccccccccccccc'   Theme: Adwaita-dark [GTK2/3] 
ccccc;MMo;ccccc;MMW.;ccccccccccccccc;    Icons: Adwaita [GTK2/3] 
ccccc;0MNc.ccc.xMMd:ccccccccccccccc;     Terminal: gnome-terminal 
cccccc;dNMWXXXWM0::cccccccccccccc:,      CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X (12) @ 3.800GHz 
cccccccc;.:odl:.;cccccccccccccc:,.       GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 
:cccccccccccccccccccccccccccc:'.         Memory: 10633MiB / 15912MiB 

My desktop specs. One of my other hobbies is complaining about Nvidia drivers obliteraing my system 😉

Nurturing Well-being

Health is wealth, especially in industries tethered to screens and keyboards. At Wirekat, I'm here to support those with predominantly sedentary jobs (such as myself), offering genuine advice without any fluff or pseudo-science.

The Journey Ahead

Wirekat isn't just a blog; it's a reflection of my journey—a digital diary that I'm excited to share with you. As I navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology, wellness, and Linux adventures, I invite you to join me on this quest for knowledge and exploration.

Let's Connect

It's not just about content - it's about community. I'm here to connect, to share, and to learn. Wirekat is more than words on a screen; it's a space where we can delve into the depths of technology and beyond, together.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Stay connected, stay curious, stay wired - welcome to Wirekat!