Daggerfall Unity 1.0 is out!

Daggerfall Unity 1.0 is out!
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The much-anticipated Daggerfall Unity is live with update 1.0! A significant milestone in the recreation of The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall within the Unity Engine. This release brings forth a refreshed experience of the cherished classic RPG.

What is Daggerfall Unity?

Daggerfall Unity is a faithful reimagining of the original Daggerfall in the Unity game engine, offering gamers a chance to relive this iconic title within a modern gaming environment.

It's also Linux compatible!

It is crucial to note that this fan remake does not aim to emulate the visual aesthetics of more recent entries in The Elder Scrolls series, such as Oblivion or Skyrim. While improvements in the lighting system have been implemented, Daggerfall Unity retains its original 2D character design and abstains from adopting high-resolution 3D models.

Start playing!

To embark on this nostalgic journey, players require free a copy of the DOS version, crucial for understanding core game design principles such as texture mapping and 3D modeling. These files can be obtained from platforms like Steam or GOG, ensuring compatibility with Daggerfall Unity.

  1. Grab the free DaggerFall copy on Steam
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  1. Follow instructions on release page
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