Best Steam Deck games of 2023 (According to Valve)

Best Steam Deck games of 2023 (According to Valve)
Photo by Edgar Almeida / Unsplash

Valve released a list of the best games on Steam Deck, available here. They unfortunately only included games that are with a Playable or Verified status badge.

I've also added some notes about games I've played myself!




There's also last year's results if you'd like to compare. Lots of familiar faces!

Reminder - Don't limit yourself to Playable/Verified

There's a lot of games the Steam Deck (or Linux in general) can play that is actually playable.

  • Most singleplayer games work, or work with tweaks (check ProtonDB)
  • Even games with proprietary requires hardware (Such as Rocksmith's Real Tone Cable) also work, with some simple tweaks (again, ProtonDB)
  • Games that do NOT work are using Anti-cheat that do not work on Linux